Dear Erasmus and Stipendium Hungaricum family!

On Tuesday, 6th November, we would like to invite you to a challenge in Bohém!
All you have to do is show us how strong your liver and how big your bladder is!

Come and get your first degree at the “University of Bohém” issued by ESN Szeged! Diploma rankings:

Summa cum Laude: 12 beers
Magna cum Laude: 10 beers
Cum Laude: 8 beers
Rite: 5 beers

We start at 9 pm.
Just a hint how to be the absolute winner:
Try to be on time because we are going to have a time limit. ;)

See you there!
Puszi, :)
ESN Szeged

06/11/2018 - 21:00 to 23:45
Bohém Tanya
Szentháromság utca 6.