Last updated: 2023-10-12

Thinking of doing sports during your studies here, but don't know about any sports facilities around the city or where can you go for a quick workout? You've come to the right place! This little guide here is to get you started on finding exercise opportunities that suit you.

University courses

The university provides physical education courses. The majority of the courses are free and 0 credits, with a few exceptions. By standard, there is a single class on every week of the semester (14 in total), out of which you have to attend at least 12 to successfully complete the course.
Do keep in mind that most of these courses are attended by Hungarian students and are instructed in Hungarian as well. Whether a course is instructed in English or Hungarian can be determined by name of the course. You need to pick these courses at the beginning of the semester and attend them every week.

If you're not sure if you will be able to attend the minimum amount of the classes, look for a more flexible course or try another option, as a failure of completing even a 0 credit PE course might cause some problems getting your learning agreement accepted. It's always a good idea to ask the teachers about the flexibility of the course and the requirements.
You can find information on some of these courses in Neptun.

Always available free opportunities

Obviously you can always do sports for free in the city, whether it's just going for a jog around a few blocks or to a nearby park to throw some frisbees.
However if you wanna get a more serious workout but still don't want spend a dime, you can go to an outdoor gym.
You can find outdoor gyms in Szeged on this site (hit Ctrl+F and type in Szeged, enabling Google Translate is also recommended) or on this one.

Always available paid opportunities

Wanna do sports and don't mind paying? Here's a map of several sports facilities that you might be interested in. This map is NOT exhaustive, but should be a good reference and starting point. Feel free to Google around or ask a mentor if you're looking for something more specific.

Seasonal events, contests, marathons

Szeged is home to several public sporting events throughout the entire year that anyone can participate in.
You can find several runs and marathons on Here are a few suggestions:

  • Midnight Tram Run
  • Continental Szeged Running Festival & Halfmarathon
  • Szeged Marathon
  • Holdfény (Moonlight) Night Halfmarathon

Keep in mind that most of these marathons and runs are registration-only. Read the descriptions for info on the participation fee and registration details, deadlines. If there's no English description, you can always ask a mentor for help.