Last updated: 2023-10-12

When coming to Szeged, one of the first things you should get acquainted to is our public transportation system.
The company responsible for everything public transportation-related is Szegedi Közlekedési Társaság (SZKT). They provide bus, tram and trolleybus lines all over the city. Their website contains a lot of information that's not covered here, so please check that one out as well.


You need either a validated ticket or season pass in order to travel. You can find a map of all vending machines, shops and kiosks that sell tickets and season passes, as well as the pricing, here:
You can also buy a one-time ticket on board from the driver, while the vehicle is still in the stop. A one-time ticket from the driver booth currently costs 600 HUF. Paying by change is recommended, as they usually refuse to give you tickets if you only have high value banknotes.
On pretty much all vehicles you can also buy the one-time ticket from an onboard vending machine as well, using your credit card. A ticket from there currently costs 500 HUF and is already validated for you.
You can also buy the tickets in advance on your phone for 430 HUF using the Public Transport Mobile Ticket app or the Simple app.


If you travel using tickets, you need to validate them once you're on board, except for the ones that you buy directly from the onboard vending machine. There are at least 2 validating devices on any vehicle. On most vehicles, the ticket is automatically validated as you insert it into the validating device, but on some older, noisier buses you will have to push down on the socket you've put the ticket into.

If you use prepaid tickets bought with the mobile ticket app mentioned above, you have to scan one of the QR codes that are placed at several points of the vehicle with your purchased ticket already selected in the app. The QR codes can be usually found near the doors (when outside) and around the traditional paper-ticket validating devices (when inside). Once the QR code is scanned, an animation with the current time should be displayed on phone - if it does, you're good to go!

If you travel using a season pass, validation simply consists of writing either your student ID number (if it's a students' pass) or your personal ID number on the pass after you've bought it.

Stops and timetable

You can get information on all the lines and their stops on SZKT's website. If you want to get from point A to point B, a trip planner application is recommended. Since May 2019, you can use Google Maps to plan routes using public transportation - it is well updated and reliable.
For alternative solutions while on the go, is a great choice.

Control and fines

Ticket controllers are not a rarity here. It is heavily recommended that you always travel with a validated ticket or pass on you and you don't try to cheat the system. Ticket controllers pick lines at random and will ask for your validated ticket, pass, or the QR code of your validated ticket in the mobile ticket app. If you have a season pass, make sure you show them your student ID as well, even if it's only temporary. If you happen to get fined because something was not in order, check out this site to get info on the charges you'll be facing and ask a mentor for help.


There are a few taxi services in the city. You can call and request one to your location. The drivers may not speak English, but should be able to get you where you want to go. Trips usually cost somewhere between 2000-4000 Forints within the city.

  • Taxi Plusz: +36 62 555 555 | +36 62 777 777 | Android app | iOS app

  • Tempó Taxi: +36 30 282 2222 | +36 62 490 490 | Skype

  • Rádió Taxi Három: +36 30 3480 480 | +36 62 333 333 | Android app |iOS app

  • Tele-4 Taxi: +36 62 444 444 |+36 62 666 666 | +36 30 999 4444

Transit map (click to enlarge)