Last updated: 2023-10-12

Stipendium Hungaricum, SYCP, Diaspora, IISMA, etc. scholarship holders can stay at one of the university dormitories. For more information about all dormitories, see:
Unfortunately our university cannot provide dormitories for ERASMUS+ and CEEPUS students. We recommend renting a flat – with the help of some Facebook groups and sites, you can book your own accommodation even before you arrive.

You can find some Facebook groups below for renting apartments, even for a shorter period. The last few Facebook groups are in Hungarian, but sometimes they have ads in English, and even the Hungarian ads can be pretty accurately translated using online tools.

We have a WhatsApp group for flathunting and roommate finding as well, please contact us for the invite link.

At the beginning of each semester, most students arrive to Szeged without having any accommodation booked beforehand. Usually they can stay at Lótusz Szálló or at Tisza Sport Hotel temporarily until they find a suitable apartment.
If you couldn't book an apartment before arriving, don't worry, you can stay at the hotels mentioned above until you find your perfect flat in person!