Dear International Family!
We are well into the term, but let us present you the third trip of the semester.🥳
Want to see which city was the royal capital of Hungary from 1330?👑 Have you heard of King Matthias I and want to see where he spent most of his time?🦅 Or would you like to see the city after which the Visegrád Group were named? But don't worry if you're not that fascinated by history, because we"ll fit a bobsleigh ride on one of Hungary's coolest tracks into the day.🛷
✨If the answer is yes, then come and join us in Visegrád on 25 March❗✨

As we are going by a private bus, there are only a limited number of seats available❗❗ If you want to make sure you can join the trip, pay the fee of the bus at the office as soon as possible to register yourself! You can only pay in cash! 💵
❗Registration ends on the 22nd of March ❗
💸Bus fee: 7500 Ft/person
📍 Meeting point: The parking lot of Rókusi Tesco (Rókusi krt. 42-64.)
⏱️Meeting time: 6:40 (leaving at 7:00)

The schedule of the trip:
- at 7 am we'll leave by bus from Rókusi Tesco in Szeged.🚏
- At about 10 a.m. we will arrive at the Visegrád Royal Palace🏰, where we'll visit the exhibition (entry fee is 900 HUF/capita for under 26-year olds)
- we'll go up to Visegrád Castle by bus to admire the breathtaking view of the Danube Bend
- we'll have a lunch and bobsleight break ❗until 15:30❗ (bobsleigh costs 700 HUF/slide)
- we'll end the day with a short hike in the beautiful Apátkúti Valley 🗺
- at 17:00 we will take the bus back home🚏
- we will be back at the Rókusi Tesco in Szeged at about 20 o'clock🛌

Before the trip make sure to....
- wear comfortable shoes and clothes 👟
- bring some sandwhiches and snacks, because we won’t have restaurants on the way, until the lunch break at the bobsleight🌯🍫
- join our WhatsApp group for important updates:
We hope to see you there! ❤

25/03/2023 - 06:30
Meeting Point: 
Rókusi Tesco Parking Lot
Rókusi krt. 42-64.
7500 HUF/person for the bus, 900 HUF/person for the palace exhibition, 700 HUF/slide for the bobsleigh, bringing extra cash for lunch is recommended
Contact details: