Dear Stipendium Hungaricum Students!

It's time to find out who's the real Dancing 👑Queen or King👑 on ❄ice❄, so it's time to put your skates on and visit the local ice skating rink on Saturday📅
If you can't ice skate, don't worry! You can also join us and have a lovely💕 Saturday afternoon together. Also our helpful mentors can help you to become an ice skater pro💪

🔊Some important informationsℹ:
👉 We are going for the afternoon round, so you can skate from 4 pm🕓 to 6 pm🕕
👉 Meeting point📍: 3.45 pm at the entrance of the ice skate rink (we will wait until 3.55 pm and then go inside)

🔊Ticket prices💲:
👉 If you have a student ID card and you're under⬇ the age of 26: 800 HUF
👉 If you're above⬆ the age of 26: 1000 HUF
👉 To rent skating shoes for 2 hours: 700-1000 HUF
❗ Please bring your student ID card and an ID card/passport because to rent ice skating shoes you have to give them an ID card as a bail (don't worry, you will get it back) ❗
💱 Please bring cash, because you will be not able to pay by credit card💱

📍How to get to the skating rink?
👉 Take tram🚋 number 4 to Kecskés and get off at the last stop called 'Kecskés'!

Bring some gloves and dress up warm⛄

Don't miss this lovely event, see you on Saturday!

ESN Szeged

29/02/2020 - 16:00 to 01/03/2020 - 17:45
Szeged Ice Skating Rink
Szabadkai út 18.
1000 HUF (800 HUF if you're below age 26) + 700 HUF if you rent skating shoes