Dear Stipendium Hungaricum and Erasmus Students!

It's time to find out who's the real Dancing 👑Queen or King👑 on ❄ice❄, so it's time to put your skates on and visit the local ice skating rink on Saturday 27th November.
If you can't ice skate, don't worry! You can also join us and have a lovely💕 Saturday afternoon together. Also our helpful mentors can help you to become an ice skater pro💪

🔊Some important informationsℹ:
👉 We are going for the afternoon round, so you can skate from 3 pm🕓 to 5 pm🕕
👉 Meeting point📍: 2.45 pm at the entrance of the ice skate rink (we will wait until 2.55 pm and then go inside)

🔊Ticket prices💲:
👉 If you have a student ID card and you're under⬇ the age of 26: 800 HUF
👉 If you're above⬆ the age of 26: 1000 HUF
👉 To rent skating shoes for 2 hours: 1000 HUF
❗ Please bring your student ID card and an ID card/passport because to rent ice skating shoes you have to give them an ID card as a bail (don't worry, you will get it back) ❗
💱 Please bring cash, because you will be not able to pay by credit card💱

📍How to get to the skating rink?
👉 Take tram 🚋 number 4 to Kecskés and get off at the last stop called 'Kecskés'!

Bring some gloves and dress up warm⛄
Don't miss this lovely event, see you on Saturday!

ESN Szeged

27/11/2021 - 14:45
Szeged Ice Skating Rink
Corner of Szabadkai út - Horgosi utca
800 HUF (1000 HUF if above age 26) + 1000 HUF for skating shoes