Willkommen, willkomen,
we would like to invite you to our very first SeptemBeer Festival 🍻🎉 where you can show your beer drinking skills and get to know the other international students while taking part in our super secret🤫 surprise game.🤩
During the night you can get your very first degree 📜 at the "University of Nyugi" issued by ESN Szeged! 👨🏻‍🎓🍻👩🏻‍🎓
All you have to do is show us how strong your liver and how big your blader is.
Diploma rankings:
🎓 Summa cum Laude: 12 beers
🎓 Magna cum Laude: 10 beers
🎓 Cum Laude: 8 beers
🎓 Rite: 5 beers
💡just a hint how to get the highest ranked diploma: be on time bc we're going to have a ⏳time limit⌛
(if you're not a big fan of beer, you can participate with wine🍷or another beverage of your choice)
✨ We're also preparing a surprise 🎁 game for you ❤️ so be on time if you don't want to miss these amazing activities 😍
📍Place: Nyugi Kert
🕑 Time: 19:30
See you there!
ESN Szeged

29/09/2020 - 19:30
Nyugi Kert
Vitéz utca 28.