Dear International Family!

On the 21st of October we invite you to a museum tour called 'Szeged - treasures under your feet'. 🏺👣
Have you ever wondered about the history of Szeged?🤔 Where does its name come from, who were the people who lived here, what struggles did they go through? Did you know there’s and „island” here named after witches🧙‍♀️ (and for a good reason)? Would you like to try out how it felt to be in the infamous Szeged prison? 👀 Did you know that the Great flood🌊 in 1879 completely ruined the town?😲 Did you know there’s a sunken Russian tank in the river with the dead bodies of the soldiers in it?😳 Who is the biggest Hungarian painter🖌️ and what his connection is to Szeged?
The past of the city is right under your feet👣 and all around you! If you would like to understand it better, this tour is for you🤗! Join us in the beautifully renovated Móra Ferenc Museum and the Castle on an interactive highlights tour with Rita Csúri-Magosi! We will visit 3 quite different exhibitions:
- History of Szeged (in the Castle)🤓
- Conquest of Hungary (Painting by Mihály Munkácsy)🖼️
- Móra forest (about the famous director of the Musuem)🌳
At the end of the tour we will literally climb up to the top of the Museum🔝 and enjoy the wonderful view from up there.😍 The view of a city you now know so much more intimately. We are looking forward to see you there!
🕓Please be in front of the Castle at 15:50, the tour starts at 16:00.
⏳Duration of the tour: Approximately 90 minutes
💵Admission: 2790 HUF per person (you can pay by cash and card💳 too)

ESN Szeged

21/10/2020 - 16:00
Meeting Point: 
Szeged Castle
Stefánia 15.
2790 HUF