Dear Erasmus and Stipendium Hungaricum students, sziasztok!

After a long break we'll be having an International Dinner party on Thursday!

What have you eaten in Szeged so far? We bet you tried some traditional Hungarian dishes and you made something for yourself at home. Now it's time to taste the whole world's flavors in one night!

You can show your cooking skills, perform a traditional dance or sing and introduce others to your nation's traditions. But if you just want to meet other cultures by trying out other dishes from around the world and simply, have a great evening together, that's okay too. The ESN mentors will also prepare some Hungarian delicacies that you surely haven't tried yet!

You need to register before entering the event, so standby for the Google form or if you don't feel ready to show off your skills or talents yet, just pay 500 Ft to attend the dinner.

Bringing some decorations to create a real international dinner atmosphere is highly appreciated!

See you there!

ESN Szeged

15/11/2018 - 18:00 to 16/11/2018 - 20:45
SZTE JGYPK Teleki Blanka Dormitory
Semmelweis utca 5.
500 HUF (free if you bring your national dish)