Dear International Family!🤗
We would like to spend a few enjoyable and lovely moments with you on Friday afternoon (24 of november).
Fun is guaranteed, even if you are a non-dancer, or not familiar with Hungarian culture. Open mind and smile are the key. 😊
During the event, you will not just discover more about you receiving country but also learn the basics of Hungarian folk dances. 🇭🇺Who knows? You may become the expert of it in your country and you will teach your friends.🤓 In the last few years new stars were born so you can be the next.😉🏅
🙌See you on the 24 of november, from 17h to 19h 🏫Adress is: 6725 Szeged, Hattyas sor 10.
Meet us in Szabadsajtó street, in the busstop of bus 20!
🤑Entrance fee is 500Ft
🧏‍♀️We just have 3 requests:
Please bring a pair of clean-soled, comfortable SPORT shoes with you!👟
Invite your loved ones!🫂
Have fun with us!💃🕺
Here are a few teaser for you (but if you are interested in all of them, come for the event and you will know):
Ördög útja:
Puszi, 🫶
ESN Szeged

24/11/2023 - 20:00
Meeting Point: 
Bus stop for bus line 20 at the intersection of Hattyas sor and Szabadsajtó utca
Szabadsajtó utca 1.
500 HUF