Jövő héten az ESN Szeged kivételesen egy új helyre hív benneteket! Gyertek el kedden a LvL Up E-sport Bárba velünk, és játszunk együtt a bár különleges koktéljait kortyolva! ;) 
A maximum létszám 60 fő, ne maradjatok le! :D 

Dear all,
This week we are taking you out from Nyugi to a brand new and extremely popular bar in Szeged. The Esport Bar is very famous. You can play several board games with English descriptions (e.g. Imagine, Cards against Humanity, etc.) and X-box, you can also try a great number of computer games - up to 12 people in the same time!
If it isn't enough, the LvL Up bar offers you many exciting and strange cocktails that are served in a special way. So, if you are a fan of games and you'd like to try a uniqe bar in Szeged, join us on Tuesday in LvL Up Bar!

IMPORTANT: The number of guests is limited to 60 people, so hurry up! :D 

ESN Szeged
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03/04/2018 - 20:30
  • Everyone is invited.