Dear International Family!
On 18 March (Saturday), we're inviting you to a special event which is awesome for two reasons:

  • You can hang out with cute doggos
  • You can help them and make their lives happier

The event will involve a visit to a dog shelter specialised in beagles (Beagle Fajtamentés), dog walking and infinite amount of petting and playing. We'll go there by bus from Mars tér bus station.
As the event is basically free (you only have to pay your bus ticket), we encourage you to bring some toys (for example, tug toys or tennis balls ) or treats for the doggos (any type of dog food or easy-to-chew treats). Moreover, we have also established a charity box at our office, so in case you can’t come to the event, you can still contribute with some toys or treats that will be donated to the shelter on Saturday. You can bring your donations until 16 March (Thursday) during the office hours.
Don't forget to come in (or bring) clothes that you won’t regret messing up while playing with the dogs. It is also advised to bring something to eat 🥪 and drink 🧃 because there will be no shops nearby.

Schedule (18 March, Saturday)
10:00 - meeting at the bus station (Mars tér), in front of the waiting room
Be on time because the bus won't wait
10:30 - the bus leaves
Destination of the bus: Bordány
Stop we have to get off the bus: Bordány, Gazdakör
Please, bring cash , the bus ticket will cost you 2x185 HUF (with student card) or 2x370 HUF (without student card). Make sure to bring your student card or temporary student card for a discount
11:00 - start of the visit
14:45 - the bus leaves to Szeged
There is also an earlier bus to Szeged at 13:00 if you would like to return sooner.

See you there and don't forget to be on time!
ESN Szeged

18/03/2023 - 10:00
Meeting Point: 
Main bus station
Mars tér 1.
2x185 HUF (with student card) or 2x370 HUF (without student card)