Dear International Family!

We're inviting you to a special event which is awesome for two reasons:
☑️ You can hang out with cute doggos 🐶
☑️ You can help them and make their lives happier 🤗😁🐕
The event will involve a tour of the dog shelter, dog walking 🐾 and infinite amount of petting and playing. 🐕 We'll go there by bus 🚍 from Mars tér bus station.
If you want, you can bring some toys (tug toys for pulling or tennis balls 🥎) or treats for the doggos 🐶 ("Panzi" or any other dog food, easy-to-chew treats).
Don't forget to come in (or bring) clothes which you won’t regret messing up while playing with the dogs.

10:00 - meeting at the bus station (Mars tér)
‼️Be on time because the bus won't wait‼️
10:20 - bus leaves
📌Destination of the bus: Bordány
🚏Stop we have to get off the bus: Bordány, Gazdakör
‼️Please bring cash 💵, the bus ticket will be around 2x350 HUF. Make sure to bring your student card or temporary student card for a discount‼️
11:00 - start of the visit
Around 15:00 - arrival back to Szeged

See you there and don't forget to be on time!

ESN Szeged

20/11/2021 - 10:00
Meeting Point: 
Main bus station (Mars tér)
Mars tér
2x370 HUF (or 2x185 HUF if you have a student card) for the bus