Dear International Family!

It would be nice to travel the world and see a lot of beautiful places and meet different cultures, don't you think? Well, thanks Covid...
But don't worry ESN Szeged found the perfect soulution to travel Covid-friendly, so we are inviting you to our Country Presentation event. But what is this exactly?🤔
You have the opportunity to introduce your country, show its wonderful music🎶, customs, traditional costume👘, show/teach us some traditional dance💃🕺 or show some beautiful places that you recommend visiting.🏖🏞⛰ You can show us your country in a serious or funny presentation, alone or in a group with friends, it's all up to you.
So if you want to seize the ✨spotlight ✨and let your ✨country shine,✨ then fill out the google form in the Facebook event.

We can't wait to see your presentations! 🙂
Date: 05 November
Location: Hági Udvar
Time: 18:30
See you there!😉🤙

ESN Szeged

05/11/2020 - 18:30
Hági Udvar és Étterem
Kelemen László utca 3.