Dear ESN friends,
We are so happy to announce our brand new event series to you, that haven't been a thing before. Are you interested in literature and like to share your thoughts with others? If the answer is YES we would love to have you in our BOOK CLUB!🥳 These events are going to be held once in a month and each of them will have a special topic to build around our discussion. Our kind host is the agárúr bar.
The FIRST BOOK CLUB happens on the 29th of March (Wednesday evening) and it's topic is FREEDOM (remembering of the Hungarian revolution on 15th of March, 1848🇭🇺) We are going to suggest you books by famous Hungarian authors that we love, so if you would like to know more about our culture, use this opportunity and read them📖 We found that these books are about what freedom means for every individual. But we also welcome your own book experiences that you can relate to this topic. Anyway, don't worry if you couldn't read anything and don't have any idea; you are always welcome if you only come for the conversation and widen your horizons🗣️
The Facebook event of the first book club is comming up soon! We will keep you updated on out Instagram stories, and share our book recommendation in no time. 📕 We are super excited about this!
📌Place: agárúr, Vitéz u. 20
📆Date and time: 03.29; 18:00
See you soon!
ESN Szeged

29/03/2023 - 18:00
Vitéz utca 20.