Dear International Family!

You probably already heard the quote "If the world was blind, how many people would you impress?"🤔 Well, this is exatly what this event wil be about.
The rules are very simple. Every participant will be blindfolded🙈, and you will have 5 minutes to talk to the person (also blindfolded🙈) in front of you. We will provide you with some fun and interesting and sometimes deep questions❓ to spark ✨the conversation🗣💬. After 5 minutes, you switch🔄, until you talked to every person. We, the mentors, will help you move between chairs, as you will not take off your blindfold until the end.

If you can please bring a scarf, sleeping mask or something that could be used as a blindfold, just in case if we don't have enough.😘

See you there!🙈😊

P.s.: since BarCarft is among our partners you can use your ESNcard💳 to get a 10% discount from everything! 🙌🏻

ESN Szeged

19/09/2019 - 20:30
BarCraft Szeged
Gogol u. 9.