Hello everyone!
First impression is pretty important, right? We often tend to judge by sight, but what if our eyes are covered and we can’t rely on them, but only on our partners’ voices? Sounds exciting!! If you wanna try this situation out and get to know international students a little closer, come to Campus and be a participant of this amazing night!
The rules of the event are simple: you have 5 minutes to talk to the other person in front of your seat. When time is up, you can remove the kerchief and find out who your partner is. There’ll be a few seconds to change places between meetings and the goal is to meet as many people as possible. Mentors are going to be there to mix you up and help you to find your seats after every round.

20/02/2018 - 20:30 to 23:30
Campus Beer & More
Vitéz utca 24.
  • Everyone is invited.